Strange Behavior with my new BenQ (black burn spots on MCC003)

I recieved my Benq OEM 1620 from Newegg today in the mail. Proceded to install in my folks system (master on secondary IDE,UDMA enabled, only drive on channel, MS IDE drivers never installed nvidia). I had heard some folks talking about quality control issues (not trying to start flame war :wink: so I went ahead and bought the newegg warranty as well. I updated the firmware from G7Z9 to G7P9 in safe mode (no disc in drive) and all went well. First thing I did was a disc quality scan on a Teon Branded MCC003 that I had previously burnt on my 3500 L&DB2v9. Here are the results

I was pretty happy with that burn so I decided to use this MCC003 as my drives first test. I burned an image at 8x from dvd decrypter and did a quality check on it. Here is the result

not so good so I checked out the disc itself and noticed that right around the spot on the disc with the prob in the quality check there are these dark black spots on the disc itself. I’m sure they weren’t there before the burn. Here is the best pic I could get of them (see to the left of the center of the disc)

To double check I burned another one from the same spindle that I had gotten such good burns on with my NEC and it did the same thing, again with the black spots. To be absolutely sure I put the BenQ in my own system (replacing the 3500) and did the same thing with the spots. I put the drive back in the folks system, then tried some of my other media and it seems to work fine. Here is some of my B+ grade Fuji branded YUDENT02 at 8x

now another yuden (not the best spindle on my 3500 either)

So basically what I need is advice on what to do now. I’m going to burn some more stuff tomorrow using my TYG02 -R, TYG01 -R, Sony branded T02 to further test it out. How serious is this black spots on a DVD thing? Has anyone else encountered it before? I’m not sure if it is an indication of media incompatiblity or a sign of a bad drive in its early stages. I’m covered for over a year through newegg so I’m not really stressed but I’d like to feel confident about the drive as my rents will be using it and won’t be doing all the testing I do. Can any of the gurus here shed some light on the situation or advise me whether I should just go ahead and return the drive or stick it out a bit. Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

It’s possible the Teon-branded MCC003 weren’t up to MKM/MCC/Verbatim’s standards for their own branded media. Spots like that are generally an indication of a media problem, not a burner problem.

maybe you can contact MKM on this…and ask them…since black spots appear on MCC003…

for me i would not worry about them…the spots are media issue

This looks like a typical disc defect that you are bound to have once in a while, even with the best manufacturers. I just went through a spindle of Fujifilm TYG02s that had 3 discs like this in the lower third.

Your drive is fine. I’ve had an occasional DVD with spots like these with every drive I owned, and with many brands of discs, except the spots were rarely that large, so PIF error levels weren’t as high as in your scan, and the hills in the lower PIF chart weren’t as wide.

If you consistently see similar defects on every disc from that spindle, try burning the next disc on a different drive to confirm this, and consider returning them to the store for replacement.

Agree with Two Degrees.
The spots are media issue.
I have seen this with Verbatim 16x DVD+R and TY01 Samsung branded discs.

Your Benq looks like it is doing excellent burns.

the mccs we get here are these

thats why i say not to worry about those black spots…media defect moslty…

wow thanks for all the replies everyone. I figured it must be a media issue. Its funny, with these probs you can see the good sides of both the 3500 and the 1620 on display (ie, burn quality on 1620 and media compatibility of the 3500). I’m happy to own both of these and feel much better about the BenQ after hearing everyone’s thoughts. BTW just burnt this TYG02 at 8X… what was that I heard about BenQ not doing -R well… :wink:

Thats probably the best burn I’ve ever had. Thanks for all the advice in this thread looks like I will be holding on to this one for sure :bow: CDfreaks

[EDITED] I realized that it was 8x burn. But no time to edit it. :slight_smile: Try 12x for the qualification to HOF.

LOL jk736 I’m afraid my burn speed of 8x doesn’t qualify for that thread needless to say I’m a happy camper at the moment :slight_smile:

It’s a good burner. Stick with MIJ media.

This media most likely has entrapped air, a sign of poor quality. The disc media itself will deteriorate (rot) in these spots, so don’t count on these discs for longevity. Definitely not the fault of your burner.

Breeder: How about using these discs on my 3500AG? I have burned several, the first quality scan at the top of my post is an example. None of the burns from my 3500 have the black spots or bad quality scans. Will these discs deteriorate? I’m trying to decide if I should reburn them or not. Thanks.

the teon MCC003 are not very good IMHO…mine burn a ring around the outer portion the dic on the BenQ…only disc that do this my TY02 and crap CMC do not

I’m a little surprised that both burners don’t make the same dark spots. It’s possible that the laser power on the Benq is set slightly higher than the NEC. If you don’t see those dark spots on your burns from the NEC, I wouldn’t bother to reburn them. But keep us posted whether these discs do show trouble in the long run, please…