Strange "beep" in Kill Bill/13th Warrior

Hi all

Long time lurker, but this is my first post.

First I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to the Liteon and media related forums/threads. I used to have a 832, but eventually returned it. It would produce a coaster about one in three for -R media. Tried everything, glad to be rid of it. I now have a NEC3500 and it has not made a single coaster…yet! :slight_smile: Pure heaven.

Anyway I have a question for you all and I am not sure where to post it.

Now that I have a burner that works I recently made a back up of one of my DVDs and I am getting a short tone in the soundtrack on the back up copy. The original is second hand, so I do not know its source, but the tone is not present on it.

Is this a copy protection that Decrypter has not removed? My friend says that it is, as he gets the same on a back up of a rental copy of “Kill Bill 2” that he bought from work, (he works in a video shop) but my DVD is not that new. To my knowledge it isnt a rental, at least the outer case isnt.

The drive has burnt everything else just fine so I dont think it is the drive. I have made other copies on -RW and they have the same short tone.

I thought I would ask those that know, rather than those that only think they know!

(Is that enough creeping? :bigsmile: )
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Kill Bill 2 has a beep in it as far as I know. So it’s normal. Don’t know why Quentin did this…

Ps. welcome to the forums PicturePerfect :slight_smile:


OK. So we are BOTH wrong!

Thanks for the reply though. :bigsmile:

Why does 13th Warrior do it though?