Strange 32123S@40125S problem

Hiya guys

i flashed my burner to a 40125s about 2 months ago and all has been ok, one time i was erasing a CDRW in nero and i kept getting the yellow light (i think its buffer underrun) and ever since i have been unable to use CDRW’s in my drive. CDR’s are fine and write perfect at 40x. anybody ever had this problem and know how to fix it. i have fresh installed windows xp about 2 times and flashed the drive back and fourth and no luck :a


Any program that can compleatly flash 0’s to thee bios and then reflash? the drive dunt see CDRW’s and says drive is empty to any program. even CDRW’s recorded befour hand. uses cdr’s fine no trouble at all driving me nuts how it can see and use CDR’s yet no CDRW’s :frowning: