Strange 2500 problem



Hello guys

Any ideas on what could have happened to my 2500 flashed as a 2510A. I was burning a dvdr and the computer rebooted, probably due to low vcore going to cpu, as I have just upgraded. Now the 2500 wont read/burn anything, when a disc is inserted it just keeps clicking every 5 secs. I thought maybe the reboot had corrupted the firmware in the drive, so I re flashed it but still get the same problem. Windows recognises the drive properly as does any burning software I try, but cant read/write to it.

If I cant bring it back to life, will the nec 3520a be just as good for burns, I`m not worried about reading ability, just good burns, as the 2500 was an excellent burner. Currently burning with my backup burner a pioneer a03, 1 hr per disc :a


Are you certain you don’t have a power supply problem? That would also account for the dead drive. You could try flashing it again in DOS, but it’s probably dead. One last thing to try is to boot to the drive with your Windows CD to see if it can read in DOS.

IMHO, the 3520 is superior for both reading and writing, but not hugely.


550 watt power supply here and only 2 hd and 2 dvdrw incl the nec2500, think that clicking sound every 5 secs when media is inserted is the drive trying to pickup the media. Maybe the media pickup mechanism is stuck in the position when the computer lost power (burning a dvdr)

No luck in dos either, thx for the help


Well, 550W PSU’s fail too. I suppose you have nothing to lose by taking it apart and fiddling with the PUH. But if it’s clicking, it’s at least moving. I’ve power-cycled my system more than a few times while a drive was running, never had a problem. Can’t help wondering if your PSU was at fault, that would explain the low VCore too, wouldn’t it? Or a surge that cooked the drive.

Or, maybe the drive was at fault and caused the reboot when it died?