Strange 106D Error - Help If You Can



I have been running my 106D (firmware v1.07) for about a year now with no problems. All of a sudden, I am getting the following error when using RecordNowDX to burn my DVD-R’s (Ritek Ridata G04 - same batch as always):

This disc terminated with errors:
Error -10 at Sector xxxxxxx - Command:28 Sense:03 ASC:11 ASCQ:05

I am getting a lot of freezing and green pixels at the ends of the movies, and this happens even if I reduce the size of the movie to 4.2gigs… DMA mode is selected.

Thanks for any help -


i suggest trying a different brand of discs to eliminate a media issue, also if theres a newer FW out try upgrading


Sorry, I forgot to mention that this is also happening with other media (still 4x -R’s, just made by Maxell and Memorex). There is a new firmware out, and I will try installing it this weekend.

Can someone shed some light on what this error means?

Thanks -


Probably that you should try with other and recommended media/discs.