Strand on the line with DivX

I just posted the article Strand on the line with DivX.

CestLaVie used our newssubmit to tell us that DivXNetworks signed it’s first content deal. They made with indie distributor Strand Releasing.

On their website you can ‘rent’ the movie for 5…

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bvadr. Digital Rigths Management. Are they trying to be funny. Is the new Divx a ASF lookalike.

DivX is not an ASF lookalike. It looks better then most VHS rentals.

Well it can look really shitty too. Depends how it was encoded of course. If it is done right it looks almost as good as DVD.

I’ve been wondering when something like this was gonna happen. It’s a very good idea, but there are some challenges for Strand. Firstly, the quality of the downloadable movie must be good enough to justify the price. Secondly, the download speed must be fast enough for all customers. Lastly, it has to compete with file-sharing programs that allow downloading divx movies for free, albeit illegally. If that is 4.95 USD then it seems like a little expensive compared to renting a dvd the traditional way. I guess you pay for the convenience, so it caters for all the lazy bums out there :slight_smile:

remember ASFripper? Streambox??? :wink:

Full screen movies and good quality need large files so u have to have a really fast connection or u have to order the film an hour before u can watch it