Stramge slow burning speed



I have two BenQ drives both on the secondary IDE controller. The primary is my BenQ 1610 (oem) the secondary is my newest BenQ 1620 (oem) I have tried flashing it from the G to the B firmware but I get ‘Drive not supported’ messages and it does not work. This morning I was burning about 2G of data and it took about 9min, I then did the same burn with the same media on my 1610 and it only took just over 3min. Is it because of the forced DVD ROM booktype on the 1620 that it took longer? Any ideas?



have you checkd to make sure the drive is operating in DMA and not pio mode?


Yes it is operating in DMA mode.



To flash to a retail drive, use the WinDWFlash tool and the B7P9.cvt. Later you can use the latest orignal firmware B7T9.exe. Those are all the files you need to go from oem to retail firmware.
About the slow burning speed…maybe you need to check your jumpers settings on the 1620. Is the 1620 Secondary slave on the first connector of your IDE cable, seen from the connector on your motherboard.


Thanks cor808 that worked, now showing up as DD DW1620 with B7P9 firmware, sweet!

Is there a way to tell that speed it will burn a DL disc in the absence of a blank DL disc?