Straight Answer on PX-708A/UF V1.07

Hi guys-

I’ve read the Plextor FAQ at the top of this forum, and the firmware release info from Plextor about the firmware update V1.07, and still have the question:

Is the PX-708A now able to burn DL media?

I see the firmware release info says “Improvements: Read support for DVD+R DL media”, but that does not mean it can write DL, does it?

This also confused me:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

No, it CAN NOT.

Well, that really stinks. I know I’m asking you to predict the future, but do you think it ever will be able to (with a firmware update)? Or should I try to unload it (eBay) now?

(Thank you for your responce, by the way.)

Since Plextor announced their DL drive, it would not make marketing sense to release fw to make a now older model have the same capabilities as a newer model. so the answer is NO, Plextor will not release firmware to make any SL drive a DL writer. Since DL media is still scarce and expensive, I’d hang on to the 708 for a while until media becomes readily available, better quality, and cheaper.