Straight answer about audio 'cleaning' software

When I first came across this website thru Google search, I was under the impression that I could obtain a comparison/review of audio cleaning software. I purchased about 3 weeks ago MAGIX ACL v. 11 and it flat doesn’t work. All kinds of errors. Won’t save. Can’t burn. Doesn’t clean. The advertised AudioID can’t connect to. I have submitted 7 emails on different issues to “support” with not one response. I have been to a number of sites and have found quite a few people with the same “bug” issues. I’ll flat give my software away. It’s worthless. Waste of money and more importantly the hours and hours I’ve spent trying to record music from casettes, clean them and then burn CD’s. This all from my own casettes. Is there (YES or NO) a software out there that works? I’m trying to record my casettes, clean them and then burn them to CD’s. Is there (YES or NO) a software out there that will identify from a piece of music the artist? I have a new Presario running XP. If there is such a software, what is it? I don’t know a lot about this computer stuff; just expect it to work or get support. I had printed hard copy of MAGIX tutorial (over 140) pages and that leaves you short on many issues. Don’t buy it!

In the past, I have used the audio recorder in Roxio media Creator…works nicely and cleans up background noise pretty well. Another one you might try, that’s free (OpenSource) is called Audacity. Neither of these will be able to gather artist/song info on music you are recording, however.

Transferring to the Audio forum, where you might get more specific help…

there are lots of software that works! Never tried MAGIX ACL v. 11 so can’t say much about it ! In the past I have used MAGIX ACL Deluxe v.10 and it worked well and cleaned up the recordings and removed most of the unwanted hiss and clicks from the recordings. Now days been using Gnome Wave Cleaner and works very well. On there web site they have some samples of audio before and after and you can listen to it and make up your own mind. The software is only half of it you also need a good quality sound card for your audio input. :slight_smile:

I use Sound Forge it works well, but it is not cheep.

The straight answer is there is no such thing as ‘audio cleaning software’. If the sound isn’t there to begin with, no amount of ‘tweaking’, ‘cleaning’ or other hoo-doo will recover it. That said, there are several ways to minimize the annoying noise that obscures the desired sound. I use Audacity (free, and lots of filters available for it) but remember, you can’t take away ‘just the noise’.

adobe audition is another option, but its not free though.

There are different types of noise, with different treatments.

I had incredible results with “Exact Audio Copy”, using the noise profile and remove, on several types of sustained noise.

The actual task it handled excellently was removing “hall noise”, mostly air conditoner noise, though fortunate in having a really clear noise sample - that type of removal demands a clear sample.

I tested that to the extreme, with some music that I deliberately BURIED in PC fan noise - not kidding, to the unassisted ear, it just wasn’t there. The same noise reduction was actaully able to get something back, not great, but if it had been speech, it would have been understandable.

Impulse noise requires a different treatment, clicks and pops need to be individually detected and removed, and this is generally handled quite well by the “LP cleaning” settings on many programs.

A simpler way of dealing with hiss (surface noise or tape hiss) is a lowpass filter, or a filter which varies according to the masking of hiss by programme content, though if you can find a hiss-only sample, the noise profile method may be worth a try.

I use Magix ACL v10, although not extensively. I have been amazed at what this software can do. I am surprised that so much functionality seems to be broken on your system. IMO, the application interface is poor, but the application is quite complicated and jammed full of every sort of functionality. The best advice is follow the tabs appearing at the very top of the app window and use it as a “wizard” which will take you step by step through the processes you need. I have a long term background in technology but will suggest that this app will not be mastered by most folks in just a few days. The best support for most low cost software is the user forums. I suggest going there. Troubleshoot your system by simply recording 5 minutes of source material, do no processing, and then burn to a DVD. If it won’t do that, you may have to see a local repair shop. BTW, software EULAs do not make claims that the software will do anything useful and personal help is very, very expensive. I hope this rambling helps.