Story about rhe SACEM (French RIAA)

In a small city of Ouest of France, some kids sing a well known French song “Adieu monsieur le professeur”, meaning “goodby Mr the teacher”, because their teacher was leaving the school for ever.
The SACEM charged the school 75€ for that. They said this song cannot be sing during a school party for free.


If it’s true, I’m not surprised.
If it’s not true, I’m not surprised.

Some days, I suspect I’ve seen everything.

They better learn on those schools. Criminals and villians that’s what they are. Good werk SACEM agents :clap:

This story made a lot of noise here in France, so the SACEM gave its own version of the Story:
They said that they charged 75€ for all the songs that have been played during the party and not for that one song.