Storing your optical drives?



I moved a lot the last 6 months so I stored my optical drives in a cardboard box every drive is wrapped in a plastic bag. The room is dry but has got no heater so if it’s freezing outside it’ll also freeze in the room. My questions are:

  1. Will this damage the drives due to the temperature changes?
  2. Should I put them in a heated room and if not when I want to use them again do they need a ‘warm up phase’?
  3. Should electronic devices never be stored in such an environment (I also got a DVD player, TV, PS2 in there)?

Thanks for your help.


Constant temperature fluctuations is more problematic than low temperature. If you still have the documentation for your devices, that should provide guidelines for safe minimum & maximum storage temperatures.


They are in some lousy conditions when shipped to usa by boat so i guess they can stand some temps. Also when you order a drive in the winter the truck the drive is in transit with has no heat in winter etc… Just get it to room temp before installing it in your case would be best.