Storing PC game discs



I am running out of storage space and would like to store my PC games outside of their boxes. In other words, just the discs.

I’d really like one of those aluminum DJ style boxes, but can’t justify spending $40 on one when I can get a DVD binder for $10.

With that in mind, would a DVD binder be a good way to store them IF the binder was stored vertically so the discs were not laying on each other? Should I be worried about the discs warping/scratching to the point where they are no longer readable?

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!


I use a binder for stuff I can easily replace (i.e. I have the originals elsewhere).

I wouldn’t recommend it for storing your original games. I’d spring for the aluminium case, one of which I also have, and they’re worth the money to store original discs.