Storing orginal CD's with case



I’m new here and i have a question about storing original cd’s in there original case.
I saw a lot of topics for storage of burned material, but in my case it’s for original cd’s
I bought a few dj cases were i can store about 60 cd’s complete with case.
You can have them in black with 90 cd’s storage.
I have them stored vertical (the cd case) in a closet.
Is it o.k. to store them this way?
Is it nessecary to open the suitcase every month to get some fresh air in it?

Below a link:


As far as I know, storing them vertically in the dark, with as little air as possible is just about the ideal. Air (oxygen) is the cause of degradation in everything from foodstuffs to metal and plastic, though UV light (i.e. sunlight) also degrades most plastics.




Thanks for your reply.
These storage cases are perfect.