Storing of Blank Media



Okay I don’t know if this question has been answered, but a while ago I bought 6 10 Packs of TDK DVD’s that ID as RicohJpn that are in jewel cases. Now all that is good, but I heard that it is better to store them in cake boxes than in jewel cases. Is this true, if so I may just have to transfer what I can to a spare 50PK cake box.


Well, I use plastic wallets, some with a cloth backing, and it has been said that this is the worst form of storage as the plastic can cause problems with the disc - not sure about that - hopefully not as I store them in cool dark places.

But, I would have thought jewel cases are great protection (if kept out of the sun, etc). The disc is suspended away from surfaces, in a relativily dust free area - whereas cakeboxs hold the discs close together - I know there is a slight level rise around the hub, but just look how many newly purchased discs get scatched or marked by too tight packaging. If you were to press on discs in a cakebox and turn them around, many of the disc surfaces will get marked - so it would seem they are not better than individual jewel cases.

So, what is the truth - I base this on logic - flawed as it may be :slight_smile:


It all depends:

Jewel case:

  • proper mechanical protection
  • take lots of space
  • can contain plasticecers which can have an adverse effect on the aging of discs

Spindle/“cake” towers

  • no mechanical protection (in fact, increased abrasion)
  • take very little space
  • effect of plasticecers (if any) minimized
  • no noxious gas protection of any kind

Sleeve pocket folders

  • no mechanical protection
  • added abrasion from most sleeve pockets
  • some folder contains solvents and plasticicers
  • best pockets (e.g. archival products) offer noxious gas protection
  • take very little space

Pick your poison.

All in all, the place/lighting/temp/humidity/gas contents/pH level of the environment you store your cases/sleeves/spindles at is probably more important (?) than the actual storage box. I’m excluding the worst offending jewel cases and sleeve folders which are full of plasticicers and can sink the pH down to 2.


PS If you are responsible for storage of important information, see the following as a starting point:


Well I was mainly concerned because of room in my cramped media cabinet.
I have an empty 50 spindle and 50 TDK DVD+R’s each in jewel cases sitting on there sides as there is little room left in the cabinet. Oh yeah they are kept in a cool, dark, and silent place, the silence is golden for me not the media.