Storing metadata with lossless CD backup



I’m interested in backing up some audio CDs using FLAC files. I want to use a single whole-disc FLAC file with embedded cue sheet (as opposed to individual files for each track) because it corresponds more directly to the structure of the original CD being backed up.

What I’m wondering, though, is how to store the metadata. I’d like to be able to create fully-tagged Vorbis/MP3/whatever files from the backup without having to manually type in all the track titles and such. So I need a way to store a bunch of tracks’ worth of tags, on their own – not actually embedded in audio files like tags usually are. (There’s only one audio file for the whole CD, remember, and AFAIK I can’t put multiple sets of tags into it.)

I know I could just put all the tag info into a text file and store that alongside the FLAC file, but I’m wondering if there’s some established way of doing this sort of thing. I know I’m not the first person to want to back up audio CDs in this way, so I’m hoping that maybe someone’s come up with some sort of de-facto standard format for storing a CD’s worth of tags.