Storing ISO images on HD


I remember a while back reading about people storing ISO images on their (large) HDs, and then installing them as needed from that location, though I can’t find that article any longer. They needed a number of different software tools to do this.

Can someone please help this newbie by giving me some info?



diskdump will copy cd images fine to your harddrive as iso format…im not sure what your asking? you can just back the image up to any directory and save it for as long as you want.

Maybe you mean virtual drive software? I would recommend alcohol 120 or daemon tools for this task.

Try SoftDisc from EZB SYstems( , which can do everything you need: backup CD-ROM disc to ISO, make ISO form files on harddisk by UltraISO, simulate by Daemon-Tools and burn ISO by Nero.

MagicISO can also create/edit/extract ISO file and handle up to 10GB size.