Storing files

Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum and file sharing, dvd ripping, burning, etc. I have figured out how to do all of these things over a period of time and I am still learning. But my problem right now is that I want to keep video files, dvd shrunk files, etc. somewhere handy so that I dont have to keep going thru entire process of ( my way) downloading file ( avi, divx, mpeg, etc.) from file sharing program. Video fixer, vso divx to dvd, dvd shrink, burn. I think this is the correct way to do this- dvd’s have been okay. But I never have enough room on my hard drive. So I am wondering where I can store my vob files or is there an easier way to save space on my hard drive? Or should I get an external hard drive? Any help or links to a guide would be appreciated.

I have children ages 5-7 and copies of dvd’s are constantly getting trashed from children and would like to keep vob files close at hand to make back up or copy of trashed disk.

Welcome Brownbear.
There are a few methods that will work. What I am going to do is watch for the upcoming sales, and get 1 firewire enclosure, and a couple of 200gb hd’s. Then I can put 1 hd in the enclosure, backup all my stuff, then pull the hd from the enclosure and store it in a safe place. I can then put another hd in the enclosure and do the same thing for my second system. This way the hd’s aren’t running constantly, and should last virtually forever (hopefully).
You can also backup you stuff to dvd, or any other kind of device, using acronis true image, norton ghost, or even winrar to further compress the files and back them up. I think backing up to hd is the safest, most reliable, and fastest method…