Storing DVDs to my hard drive

Hey guys,

Heres what iam trying to do:

Copy all of my dvds on to an external media player. I travel alot and some places i go only allow 10 dvds per person in to the country (rubbish if you ask me, iam sure you will all agree) so i would like to store them onto my media player.

My Method : I have an old copy of DVD Decrypter which is doing the job of copying the DVD’s to my lap top, Takes about 10 mins to rip and leaves me with a bunch of VOB Files (LISTED BELOW).

VTS_01 - Stream Information

I can watch the files, no problem but with no sound…maybe iam not using the decrypter correctly. Iam using version .

I can imagine there is a really simple way of doing this but i cant figure it out…

In the end all i want to be able to do is copy my DVD’s onto my PC so i can watch them aly time with out hassle.

Any help would be great. Sorry if this is mind numbingly simple but i just cant figure it out.

Many thanks,


I think what your looking for is a DVD ripper program that just puts the movie onto your HDD so you don’t have to take so much DVDs. There are plenty of free ripper it just becomes what features you are looking for? What your doing there is just copying the whole dvd itself not just the movie if that’s what your looking for. I myself would go for Anydvd HD which comes as a decryptor and a Ripper. The Ripper will rip the movie to HDD. I have yet to try this feature out though. Also it does have a 21 day trial as well but you should read up on it before doing so or check Slysoft site. Forgot to mention you can also do a web search for free dvd rippers to see if they will also perform what your looking for as well. Also CDuncle take is another way to go as well.

You have all the files you need, but most DVD have ac3 sound and by sound of your complain it looks like you are missing ac3 encoder.
Download ac3 filter and you should be OK.

If Decrypter does the job you are fine, mind you it is an old app and not updated for a long time so it may not decrypt some of new DVD. may not
You can also try this one, it still does 99% of DVDs.

DVDFab hd decryptor does the job and is updated and free also.

And since this is only for playback on your laptop, you may want to convert them to another format such as avi (divx or xvid). Depending on the number of movies you are RIPing, it could save you quite a bit of space.