Storing DVDR in a spindle. Good or Bad?

Does is affect media’s lifetime? Is it better to store them in seperate cases?

Spindle is actually one of the best ways to store, assuming you keep them away from light and heat.

Spindle might have some infinitesimal problem that the disc might sag at the edges, that’s why the most desired way for storage is in case that you stand on the thin edge, like a book. That said, I use spindles for lots of stuff.

When I first started buying 100-packs on a spindle, I remember reading somewhere that problems might occur with the bottom discs because every time you remove the cake-box lid, air (with dust) is sucked into the package.

I didn’t give it much thought, but I have noted that that when the rare time comes that a disc doesn’t burn properly, it invariably is one that is at the bottom (or close to it) of a large stack I’ve been working with for a while.

Possibly coincidental and your mileage may vary.


Sometimes discs in a spindle will rub and scratch each other, so I try to be very careful when dealing with spindled media.

You are correct sir! :iagree:

I am VERY careful when handling discs on a spindle. :slight_smile:

I store my blanks in spindles and no problems so far. Once burned I store them in double dvd cases. Or I put them into paper/plastic sleeves. I’m a bit wary of the last method though.

i was more talking about long term storing of data dvds in spindle

This dust rubbing is only valid for great dust/dirt particles,
since the bottom center of the cakebox/spindle has a rim /plataue, where the first disc rests, btw. the manufacturer places here a dummy/failure disc here, for the disc itself, it is also slightly thicker at the center…