Storing digital data on Vinyl,VHS,CCtape?


This is yet another of my passionate data tests.

  • How much storage do Vinyl, VHS and CCtape hold with average error correction strength?
  • How can I format them in LTFS (linear tape file system)?
  • How do I utiluze each of them to store computer data?

Vinyl is obviously absolutely not suitable as a data medium. Compact casettes were de facto the default storage standard for most 8-bit computers, the capacity varied by each computer platform and depended mainly on used baud rate. ZX Spectrum could store about 1 MB on a single C90 tape.

VHS had been never widely used for data storage. There was a solution called Video Backup System for Commodore Amiga computers, but it was unreliable and had never gained mass popularity.

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That’s exactly why I want to use them.

How much storage do VHS and Vinyl equal?

Yippie-ya-yey! Not bad!
I guess, it could handle 500KB to 1500KB depending on error correction strength.

Vinyl (theoretically) would have the same capacity as a tape with the same length (40 min LP = about 360 KB).

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According to D-VHS, you can store up to 44GB (Video data) on a D-VHS tape or a really good S-VHS like TDK XP Super Pro.

But D-VHS Recorder are very expensive these days and only for collectors.

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Can’t a normal VHS recorder be hacked to do D-VHS?

No chance

The nearest I’ve come across to data on vinyl is the VHD system demonstrated on Techmoan’s channel.

The VHD is like a LaserDisc, but uses electrostatic pits of varying length, which are read with a stylus. Although the audio and video were stored in an analogue format (encoding explanation here), I do wonder how much data it could have held if it used distinct pits and lands to represent 0 and 1 bits.

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There were some games released on vinyl in the 80s, purely for the novelty of doing so. Vinyl is absolutely impractical as a data storage medium.

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Vinyl would be pretty failure resistant. I’m not an expert but what could be possibly degrade there, if stored properly?

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VHS backup system for PC:

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