Storing cdr/dvdr's

Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

But I was wondering how you store your collection of cdr/dvdrs? And what conditions they should be stored it?

I know

Room temp
Out of sunlight etc

But is there anything else i should be aware of?

Here in spindles of 100, digged into a dark and normal temperatured hole without water etc…

lol Well I would sure hope that there is no water in that hole … :slight_smile: (J/k)

yes ideally store those away from sun light, stored at room temperature (no extremes) and as dry as possible.

In other words keep those discs inside your jewel cases or spindles. Usually the top shelf of a closet will do :smiley:

Avoid very humid places like basements - try to keep your relative humidity around 50% and no more than 60%