Storing burned cds

I’m going to be storing cds in a safe deposit box at the bank, which is not tall enough for them to stand upright. What is the best way to store them lying down? I can do slim jewel cases (I have some that hold 2 cds per case if that works), spindle, tyvek envelopes w/ a hard case. At home I’ll store my copies vertical.

Also is it ok to mark on the clear ring in the center of the cd? I won’t be labelling them otherwise so I need just enough space to write a number to correspond with a list I’m putting on paper.


I suggest you to store discs in jewel cases. If you need to write something on a disc, the better solution is a marker; don’t put anything on the disc but a marker sign. Glue can damage the disc

thanks. I’m too paranoid to actually write on the regular part of the disk with anything and I definitely would never put a glue on label or print on it. I like them plain. I do want to be able to tell which disk is which though, so I figure I can use a cd pen to put a number in the clear center part and then put a list in the safe deposit box with them saying which number has which files on it.

Yes, this is a good solution. But you can also write with safety on the not-recordable part of the disc without problems (I do on almost all my discs) :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good solution. A little paranoid, but anyway :slight_smile:

LOL. Yeah I’m a little paranoid. Or a lot.

I read somewhere once, not sure if it was in an article or on a message board, that storing sideways in a jewel case can cause a cd to warp. Is there a way to minimize that risk? Or would it even be an issue? I’m trying to find out if the bank has any safe deposit boxes that are taller but they haven’t replied to my email yet.

Warping of discs is more probable if they are stored in cakeboxes because of the weight of discs. Jewelboxes are the best solution because each disc is stored by itself.