Storing BD-R in cakeboxes - is it safe?



Most of my BD-R are Panasonic which I bought in 10 pcs cakeboxes. After burning I used to repack them in slim cases, but now I’m thinking of leaving them in the original packaging. They will be rarely played.

What do you think about that?


I’ve stored dvds in cakeboxes for long periods of time with no ill effects. Unless you are using hub printable disks, you should have a stacking ring on each disk that keeps the disks from touching one another anywhere else while in a cakebox.

Over extended periods of time, it may be possible for disks to warp slightly when stored in cakeboxes, as gravity slowly bends them. I’ve never seen it happen, but in theory this is possible.

Cakeboxes are not very convenient however. Inevitably, the one disk you are looking for will be at the bottom of the cakebox. :slight_smile:


I think there also will be no problems to store them in cakeboxes, but on Verbatims 2x BD-R’s and 2x BD-R’s LTH in jewel cases is written “Store only in jewel cases” :slight_smile:


It’s better to store them vertically if possible to avoid warping but TBH I think the risks from storing them in cakeboxes must be fairly low as after all that’s what some blanks are originally supplied in.