Stores to buy TY media in Germany / Munich



I am interested in actual stores (not online), preferably large ones and easy to find, where one can find Taiyo Yuden DVDs, either Fujifilm “Made in Japan” (are they still available ?) or Verbatim DataLifePlus Pastels; any other quality media from TY is also welcomed :slight_smile:
Also, I am particularly interested in such stores in central Munich (preferably not the outskirts). Yet other people might be interested in other cities so any trusted store in a (major) german city is just as useful.


Check any Media Markt or Saturn’s stuff, look at the packaging whether it’s MIJ or not. Yes, some shops still have old stock (Fuji).
Look at the sticky Taiyo Yuden FAQ.

Insider information: Large department stores like Kaufhof or Karstadt often do still carry old stock, like 8x DVD media or Pastel CD-Rs.
Shops in the outskirts have a lower fluctuation, which means a higher probability that you’ll see old stock.



actually, Media Markt, at least here in Wiesbaden, has TDK 16x DVD+R, that are Yudens. You can identify them by the different cakebox (see sticky). Also you may find Panasonic 16x DVD-R “Made in Japan”, that are also TY. These are often found at the place they sell videotapes, not in the media shelf in the computer corner.



Now this seems to be turning into a local thread, and I’ll join in.
Saturn in Stuttgart has TDK 16x DVD+R in 25 pcs cakeboxes which are YUDEN000 T03.
They also have Panasonic 16x DVD-R in 25 pcs standard cakeboxes and 10 pcs slimcase/shrinkwrap which must be MIJ and are TYG03.
Media Markt in Stuttgart had Fuji 8x DVD+R in 25 pcs cakeboxes which must be MIJ and are YUDEN000 T02.
Both Kaufhofs in Stuttgart have Verbatim Pastel Discs CD-R, 50 pcs cakeboxes and 20 pcs slimcase/shrinkwrap.


Thanks for the suggestions so far. Are any of these stores (Media Markt, Saturn) present in (central) Munich ? (I won’t be doing the purchases myself so I need to know where to send ‘my man’ :)) Are there any alternatives, aside from the two department stores already mentioned ?


Check and for stores in your favourite region.
Some TY might also be found at Karstadt - there I saw Verbatim Pastell CD-R in 20 pcs/slimcase



Each store naturally has different offers. They don’t know what they’re selling, so you might end up lucky or not lucky…
The “That’s cakebox” and MIJ are good hints that this is TY media, except for Platinum/Tevion branded media which faked the TY cakebox style.
Karstadt… Yes, generally spoken department stores usually have old stock so it will be an excellent idea to look at those instead of specialized electronics stores. If you only have a man to send to, it will be difficult.

For the “TY Locations in Germany” list:
Saturn in Dresden (Altmarkt-Galerie) has 50 pcs YUDEN000 T03 as TDK 16x DVD+R in a That’s cakebox, very expensive though (something around € 36).
Karstadt in Dresden has Verbatim Pastel CD-R in 20 pcs shrinkwrap/slimcase too, and Stuttgart’s Karstadt Sport/Media used to have those earlier…


Well I spoke with my friend and they do have both Media Markt and Saturn in Munchen (to be expected :)); if they are found in every large city in Germany (and not only there), they could ba a focal point for us TY afficionados :slight_smile:


Of course Media Markt and Saturn are found in every large city in Germany, but only few of them will carry TY or MIJ media in general. Each store has different offers. You need to have some luck to get TY there, most media in Europe comes from Taiwan or India in general, TY is even more scarce than it is in the US.
It will not be a problem to get MCC…


As far as I know, it never is much of a problem to find Taiwan or India made MCC; with Japan or Singapore made ones, well that’s another story…


There are no MIJ MCCs. The Verbatim-branded MIJ media is either made by TY or by Matsushita.


My Media Markt wanted to get rid of HP DVD+R 8x “Made in Singapore” and sold them for 2,50€/5pcs JC. Media code is MCC 003. I bought these media two days ago.


Quick Michael - buy, buy, buy! :bigsmile:


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