" store " mp3 on DVD-R ( nero )?

Am trying to store alot of mp3s on dvd discs. Just for storage, NOT for playing back on other players.
Using NERO 7, smart start. I have DVD-R discs at the moment. Nero then says wrong disc; use DVD -RW or change something about what I’m trying to burn. Am attempting to burn them ( mp3s ) as a data dvd.

Any ideas ?

Marty ( voicelit )

Welcome to the forum, Marty :slight_smile:

We’ll need a few more details - what is the brand and rated speed of the discs you’re trying to use, and what burner do you have?

Burning them to DVD as a data disc should work fine, I do it all the time with DVD+Rs and CDRs and Nero 7. :slight_smile:

I would disable Multisession Mode and also use UDF1.02 as Filesystem.

Best I can tell is that I’m using NERO 7 ( start smart ) … Sad that it should be so hard to check the version on the software. Way too cute.
Using Memorex DVD-R 16X 4.7 GB 120min. video.


Don’t burn them at 16x, Memorex is not the best media.

Agreed. Use the Memorexes at 8x-12x, and if that doesn’t work, switch to Verbatim media. :slight_smile:

We do need to know the burner though, just to make sure it’s OK with -R discs and even supports 16x discs.

THANKS everyone. Yea, it was the burn speed. When I found where you could adjust the burn speed , I tried it at 12X. Worked fine. I’ll Go get some different discs though just in case.
Do you think that this is okay for storing alot of MP3s ? Is there any quality loss at all ?


Obviously there’s gonna be loss when using mp3 as a format anyway, as opposed to lossless formats.

But no, your mp3s are the same on disc as they are on your HDD.

Regarding discs, I think those will be OK for “everyday” use, but I’d put a master backup on Verbatim media as well (I keep 3 sets of my mp3 discs). :slight_smile: