Store media only: Verbatim #1... pick a #2

Hi there. There are several media we all love, and very often we have to go online to get it. But what happens when you need the media NOW and can’t wait 3-4days for the shipment? Yes, I know, easy answer, grab a verbatim spindle :slight_smile: :flower:

Well, in case you cannot find verbatim? :confused:
What do you pick as second choice (Stores in the USA)? Maxell MIT? Sony? I know it is random, but what might be the least risky?
I am assuming that all the good media is long gone (Sony MIJ, Maxel MIJ)



Sony or Maxell in the smallest quantity available while I wait the 3 or 4 days for the on-line purchase to arrive.

What the hell are you guys burning that you can’t wait for for a few days?:slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Robert De Niro;2017561]What the hell are you guys burning that you can’t wait for for a few days?:)[/QUOTE]

lol, I’m wondering too! I won’t judge though as there can sometimes be valid reasons.

I would go for the Sony. Burn it @ 8x and all should work fine. Maxell can be made by anyone these days. I would stick with Sony for that reason.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:
So, sony as 2nd or Maxell as 3rd…
No, I am not burning what you have in mind :wink:

I was asking because a few days ago I was in that situation. I was burning DVDs with pictures at my in-laws, giving them to family members and I ran out of blank DVDs!! I was going to get out and grab a spindle of verbatim at the staples close by, but my mother in law offered some old khypermedia 4x DVD-R for the rest… (CMC Mag)
I made sure I kept a master in a MCC03RG20 because the owners of those khypermedias will need a new copy in a few months :wink:

Well, I stopped at the staples anyways after leaving the in-laws, and noticed that staples doesn’t carry verbatim. I know office depot doesn’t either. It made me realize that in a case of emergency, you need to know an alternative.


Pictures at your in-laws, I gotcha. :wink: JK, LOL.