Store DVD movies on Kaleidescape Server for 27,000 dollars

I just posted the article Store DVD movies on Kaleidescape Server for 27,000 dollars.

Start saving your pennies. The price may seem a bit high at first glance, especially if you decide that you need to expand the system to hold 400 movies rather than 160. That brings the …

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Useless crap! Oh well, back to SVCD conversion…

SVCD conversion…what’s all that about…? If I’m not mistaken, you can playback DVDs that have been ripped to a hard drive with any of the common software DVD players? But do correct me if I’m wrong since I have no DVD playback software on my PC. Therefore you could easily build a box that’ll do the same as this for a fraction of the price. It may not be quite as slick…but perhaps, maybe if some from Intervideo et al reads this post, a little light bulb maybe switched on…an appropriate package developed that sits on (dare I say it) Windows, and it might just might, come with a remote control and menu system… Let’s face it a technology like this isn’t rocket science, infact I’m quite sure an enterprising developer into movies enough could probably develop it for themselves… :d

PowerDVD plays DVD files from any source, as long as the media can supply the data fast enough. An external USB2 hdd and a ripper does the same thing, and you could pocket $ 36700 !

Seems very expensive as a propietary very restricted solution. Assuming 160 x 7.5GB average size DVDs, this will require about 1200GB of space. A 300GB Firwire/USB2 external hard drive costs from 350 Euro in Ireland, thus four (1200GB) will cost about 1,400 Euro. One can buy a basic new PC with USB2 support, a USB2 hub, four of these drives (chained by firwire or connnected to a USB2 hub), blue casing LEDs for that extra effect :X and obtain DVD ripping and playback software. All this would cost no more than 2,000 Euro while being easily transportable; no trolley required! :stuck_out_tongue: One final thing : Implementing all this high tech any-copy mesures in this server is seriously a waste of effort and resources as if one can afford this server, they can certainly afford well over 100 legitmate DVDs to fill it without paying more than 1/10th the sytem cost. Anyway, I doubt that this security would stop someone from popping in a rental or friend’s DVD.
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Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury…I rest my case… Just add in some functionailty and you got yourself a movie playing PC backing up station betcha pro-pirates operate in much the same way, except they’re copying the movies not watching them!