Store Brand 4X DVD+R Are Ritek R02-Quality Disc?



Bought some store brand discs. Did a reading and they are Ritek R02. Is that a quality disc. I have Verbatims and it seems these were cheap. 150 discs for $29.00. My concern is the quality for sound and picture. Advice appreciated, thanks.


I use ritek r03 rated at 8x and burn at 12x with my 1633s liteon with no problems i would guess they are good upto about 4x max to be safe but ritek = ridata best around IMHO


Well Ritek seems to be dumping a lot of 4x media lately.
I don’t have a idea how the quality is.
Last time they did the same with Ritek R01 the media had quite some problematic batches. Still it might be better this time.