Store 2.35GB videos in a 800MB Princo CD?

I am really confused at how a 800MB (The CD label says Princo) can store data of 2.35GB of videos.
I look at the file system, it says it is UDF file system.
But still, how can you put 2.35GB of videos into a CD that only has 800MB storage? Can someone please explain to me how do you do it?
I would love to find it out as I have a lot of video recording that are stored in my computer. It will be really nice to have it play on TV.

I have posted this same question in other forum as well. Did get a reply saying it used compression. And that is all.

I have searched this forum and find out that MPEG is already compressed. So, is there any other type of format that I could use to burn my videos in CD and still be playable?

My original file type is .rm, so I did a test, I had to convert the file type to SVCD type (MPEG I assume). Which nearly tripled my original size in the TV. My CD only allows 800MB max. And that files took me up 500MB. So in that CD, I could only put 1 video in it.

So, I get kinda frustrated at how other people can put 10 videos (2.35GB video sizes) into ONE CD. While I can only put 1 video :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum.

The simple answer is that you can’t store more than the stated capacity of a CD-R , OK maybe a slight increase with overburning.

What often happens is that whilst there is only physically 1 set of files there are many folder links pointing to those files so that the amount stored seems to far exceed the capacity of the disk. This is common with software installation discs that might , for example, have installs for Windows 98, 2000 & XP.

Thank you for the welcome.
That is weird. I just got the DVD (that has 10 videos in it) and copied the files from the DVD. There is a folder called VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS nothing in AUDIO_TS, but a lot of files in VIDEO_TS (Something like DVD movie type, IFO (I believe it is IFO…) small files)

In the CD label is has ‘Princo 4x’ printed on it, which I checked online, it is a 800MB storage CD. But weird thing is…The files I have copied over from the DVD took me up 4.56 GB in My Computer space…

I apologize if I have misunderstood what you said. Hmm, so are those folders in that CD-R? Still a little confused. One physically set of files. Even if it is a 2GB files, it can still get put into a 800MB CD-R? Or hmm :s nevermind I am still lost >.< (my brain not working…)

Once again, thank you for your replies. I am very new to it, but really want to learn.
Thanks again.

We’re getting confused here.

There’s a clear distinction between a CD & a DVD. A CD typically has a maximum capacity of 700MB - 80 minutes audio. A DVD has a stated capacity of 4.7GB. It is physically quite different.

As your question specified a 800MB CD (of which there are some) that’s what I answered but what you really meant was a 4.7GB DVD.

You’ll see on the disk , in addition to Princo 4x, maybe “DVD recordable” or “RW” or 4.7GB.

Not the first time this confusion has occurred by any means. Just try to remember never to refer to a DVD disk as a CD as you now see what happens.

Does that clarify things at all?

You can store full feature movie on CD if you compress it to MPEG4 (DivX) file format.
4.3 DVD will become about 700 MB CD.

AH! My mistake. When I googled, I just typed in Princo. I thought 4X is the burning speed. Now since you have mentioned, I regoogled and typed in Princo 4x. Princo 4X is a DVD-R media. Now I am cleared :sad: I apologize for my stupidness. Thank you very much for helping me out.

Edit: Sorry for extra question, is 4x slow at burning? Thanks!

4x is actually the burning speed and yes these days it is a slow burn speed what with 16x media & 20x burners.