Hello Everyone,

I have ripped and converted 600 DVD’s of 1700 using DVDFab for viewing on my AppleTV. These are currently being stored on a Buffalo Terastation 2TB.
The brighter ones among you (which I am not) will have guessed my question by now. As I am running out of space what are my options. Do I buy another Buffalo Terastation 2TB and link them together, can you do that? Or should I buy something else bigger, if so what?




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The best solution (in my opinion) is to not use a too large storage system, because if it fails you’ll lost all data. The safest solution is to use many external drives (500 GB max is better in my opinion).

So I suggest to buy 2-3 more 500GB drives. There is actually no need to run all drives at the same time, so you can use only the drive containing the movie you want watch.

If too many drives are cumbersome, a nice (but more costly) solution is to get 2.5" external drives, that doesn’t require an external PSU to work. The drawbacks of this solution, however, are a higher price and a smaller capacity, so you need to buy a larger number of drives, and again this makes this solution more costly :frowning:


Convert your RIPs to divx/xvid (avi) or h.264 (mkv) doing the movies only. You could likely save 50-75% of your currently used space.