I’m just wondering what people are using to store their backups in. Jewel cases are nice but when a game is 3 or more cds I don’t like having 2 or more cases for 1 game. I found cd sleeves with 2 sides, but it’s too tight for 2 cds in one side. Is there anything else out there? How are you storing them?

I have dvd cases that hold 1,2,3,and 4 discs i use them for dvd and other things…

Same here.

I Loave sleeves.

I prefer using Case Logic and Fellowes CD Storage Wallets. These are the 208 / 224 disc capacity variety. They work well and are great for organization purposes plus they don’t take up a lot of room like many DVD cases would for the same amount of storage. So far discs stored in them for a year or more have held up well from what I can tell and are perfectly readable.

i use 200+ cd/dvd wallets, slim jewel cases and double-sided sleeves.

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Any comments on the best way to store the media for longevity?
On the spool vs jewel case vs dvd case vs sleeves? Should they be in the dark etc?

Thanks for the links…I guess I should have looked harder and picked better search terms.

no worries mate… :slight_smile:

personally i use a combination of high-capacity cd wallets (have used them for years for over 700 discs with no issues regardless of vertical or horizontal orientation), slim jewel cases (mainly for ease of portability) and double-sided sleeves as shown above. don’t care for the larger DVD cases.

i’m a bit behind on storing/organizing my burns, so i’ve got a shitload of discs just sitting in stacks and/or on spindles (that’s why i’ve been burning at least 2 copies of everything lately). nothing really bad has happened yet, but im just waiting for one of the stacks to “slide” over on to the floor :sad:

Thanks for the info…I’ll have to do some shopping. Up to this point I mostly store my disks on spindles (great for space reasons), but it’s becoming a pain to find the right one and I’m sure that there is significant “wear and tear” searching throught the spindles.
I hear you about leaving them laying around. My cat, Jack Tucker seems to be an expert at knocking down any disks that I leave out

cool cat…here’s what i mean about being behind on storing/organizing LOL:

hehe…those stacks in the back already look like they’re on there way down

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I never thought of the wallets or binders, thanks for the info.

DVD Cases are available in a 6-up format (one each side, and two double sided leaves)

CD cases are available with two in a standard size jewel case, or 4 in a double sized JC, maybe 6 up in that format as well.

One type of case I like to keep a few spares of, is the clamshell … indestructible in normal use, unlike the standard jewel case which will suffer a broken hinge at the slightest tap. Clamshells make excellent mail protection.