Storage strategy - what can YOU suggest

Thanks for taking the time to look at this.

I am trying to wrap my head around what i think is a profound fundamental of backing up my Library.

Without going into (too) long a story i spend half my year in London and the other half in Africa on Lake Tanganyika. Here in London i never have enough time to get what i need to do done. By the lake i have so much idle time it gets VERY boring after a few weeks with nothiing to do.

I very much want to learn as much as possible about authoring DVD’s and backing up my DVD’s the best way possible. I very much like the ideas behind the big 3 method but have no time here in London to sit and study it. I am using Dvd clone right now and that will do for now but for long term i want to backup everything i have using the big 3 as i am a pedantic annal retentive obssive compulisve freak. O.k maybe thats a bit harsh but i just want the best possible backup quality i can get “without buying another copy”. I see learning the big 3 as a bonus even after dual layer is widely available as you can still re-encode TWO moives to one dual layer disc to make maximum use of the disc and save space problems carrying disc around etc.

So - and this is the crux of it - what is the best way to store a rip of an original disc . That is rip the orig disc and then store EVERYTHING unchanged. In this way when i get out by the lake again with lots of time i can sit and play with the big 3 till my hearts content and re-encode my library to the best quailty currently possible (for re-encoding that is) With the orig rip stored with all assets inplace i can choose what to keep or discard, where as if i chop all the extras and stuff out now i loose the chance to encode with different options later, when i have time later on i may decide i want that French audio track to share with one of my Congo buddies that drop in from time to time ( i live very close to the Congo border). If i do it now here in London i would have to take a lot of stuff out to keep the movie quality up etc etc.

So how to store the ripped movie in its entire complete form ?

I was thniking to simply rip and RAR over a spanned volume set. Problem is i need two discs for every movie. The follow on problem to that here is mostly cost. In other sections of freaks i have posted a question on lonegivity of discs. It seems if i use a cheapie disc it wont last long. If i go for TY or MCC its going to cost £2.00 per movie ( ie need 2 disc’s to be able to store all assets on 4.3 gig media)to be able to store everything from an orig disc. (x 1500 disc = BIG BUCKS) If i copy all the assets to bulkpaq orange i can do it for .76 pence per 2 disc backup almost 2/3 of the price OFF compared to TY. However the feeling i am getting is the bulkpaq’s wont be readable after long ? No use backing up assets to find when i need to do a rip with a certain soundtrack etc its no longer readable…

Another idea which is more expensive is store the movies on hard disk. A 160 gig drive is down around £60.00 now but that still makes it about £3.00 per movie to store which is more then DVD but at least you have an asset that can be used for other tasks ( ie LOTS of hard drives) and that is a MAJOR hassle to get around with…( would be a funny sight though to see a westerner wondering through the bush with a back pack, rifle and 20 hard drives heheehe)

anyone got any suggestions…

I have been playing around with Win RAR but it does’t compress an mpeg2 file much , i guess because Mpeg is already a compressed form…so i cant compress the assets down to one disk and i dont want to re-encode here in London…

ahh life sucks… maybe i should just “buy another one”

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i think you’ve already pretty much outlined the possible ways to store the entire contents of the original dvd unchanged. i’m a Big 3 user myself (perhaps Big 4 or 5 now that NuMenu4U and ScenAid are out), and it actually doesn’t take much time to learn if you just follow the guide on doom9. probably the hardest thing for new users to grasp is when or when not to demux by vobid. everything else is practically automatic, especially if you use the automated post processing options. if you have more questions about the Big 3 method or backing up dvds in general, feel free to post them in the Transcoding Forum.

Hi AZimmortal

Thanks for your reply. If i understand it correctly sceneaid is set to replace reauthorist. From what i can pick up from the threads aquabubble is long gone from the scene and reauthorist is stagnant. Fromn what i am reading scene aid is updated almost weekly sometimes daily and sometimes even in hours !!!

The biggest problem i have with the big 3 is i dont have CCE or scenarist and i am not allowed to ask etc so it pretty much closes that option for now. Hence for now i am stuck with DVDclone , which does a surprisingly good job. I am thining about getting stuck into Shrink and take that for a dance around teh hall and see wherer that leads me , but reading the posts on doom9 it sortas leads me back to CCE if i want teh best possible re-encode although i understand it depends on the as different encoders handle things in different ways. Still the overall feeling i get is to stick with CCE for my permenant long term backups on DVD 5 disc’s anyway. DVD 9 -R’s are just around the corner so this is almost a moot point. How do you see the big 3’s future once DVD 9 -R is widely available ?

anyway nice chatting with you , i do appreciate your input

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ScenAid can technically be used as a replacement for Reauthorist, but it doesn’t have the same functionalities as Reauthorist, such as the ability to adjust the compression ratios for each VTS. ScenAid should be used when you have to demux by vobid, and yes, it gets updated fairly regularly. there are still a few bugs to work out, but D3s7 seems to be very devoted to it.

most of the transcoders have a free trial/demo, so you can try them out and see if you like their output.

i think that once dual layer recording goes mainstream, the Big 3 method itself will become practically useless, as will transcoding, since their purpose is to completely back up a dvd-9 to dvd-5, but i still see a future for reencoding in general outside of the Big 3. one of the big uses that stands out in my mind is for combining multiple movies onto a single dvd, or perhaps joining a movie that has been split over multiple dvds. these processes will still require a reduction in file size, so reencoding probably won’t die out in that respect.