Storage Option

I am sure a lot of people in this forum has a LARGE collection of movies

my qiestion is this what ways do you guys store your movies which if you use the traditional cases they take up a lot of room so I was wanting to know some of your ways of storing your movies?


You can use the traditional boxes these ones 7mm for 2 discs and you’ll have a lot of space in your room, for example!

thats an idea I kinda like it anyone else?

I also use multi disc cases. I have ones that hold 3, 4, 6 8 and 10 discs.

The cases in my photo are 6 and 7 disc ones. Look for the thicker width ones.

Another popular solution is just use a DVD/CD soft case. They can hold a few (less than 50) to hundreds (I have seen a 500 disc one).

At the moment? Numbered spindles for the backups. The originals… well yeah we just have an entire bookcase full of DVD’s. sigh Working on a better solution.

Store the originals in the original DVD snap cases in trunks or boxes. Store the backups on your shelving in single or double CD-Jewel cases.


are those binders or cases? and how did you get the art on them? thats pretty cool how ya have them lined up.

I use lined plastic sleeves from svp in the UK. The lining runs down the centre so you can put two discs in one sleeve. You get 100 sleeves for about £2. To store them I use empty Duracell battery boxes I get for nothing from a local shop (they throw them out anyway) The 4 battery compartments are the perfect size for DVD sleeves. DVD cases of any description take up too much space, and storing them in spindles is a pain when you need to get the disc at the bottom! I always keep the disc boxes in a cupboard away from light.

Makes me laugh how we ever put up with VHS tapes! :bigsmile: