Storage Containers for Blu Ray discs



I work for a television station, and have put together a system for archiving news footage onto blu ray discs. My question is what would be the best container for storing them. Slim cases or regular jewel cases? Or does it matter? The discs would be taken out of the archive library when needed and individual clips copied to timelines for editing, so there would be a good amount of handling involved.


Danny Biando


As far as I can tell, there’s very little difference between slimline and regular jewel cases as far as loading/unloading discs go. As far as robustness goes, the regular jewel cases easily brake when dropped, while from my experience, the slimline ones seem to survive falls better.

For titling, both types let you put a front label in, however, you cannot place a rear label insert in the slimline cases. For the side, one product I’m aware of is called CD Slimpine which let’s one affix labels to the side of the slimline cases; some info here.

If you don’t mind dealing with paper cases like the type software CDs come in, despite how flimsy they may appear, I’ve never had a CD damaged from a fall when stored in a paper cover. Another nice advantage with paper covers is that they are cheaper and a pack of 50 typically takes up less space than 2 regular jewel cases, until they’re loaded with discs. The main catch is that it’s not possible to put a label on the side, which makes them difficult to pick out a title from a CD rack.