Storage Boxes


At one point i used to buy Kodak Gold Spindles.

They were very thick, sturdy and i liked them very
much… I was curious if anyone knew of a company
that makes these since kodak no longer produces
blank cd media.



CD Media or Storage Boxes?
If you want gold discs, Mitsui/MAM-A still makes them. I’m not sure whether those are actually better, compared to Verbatim DataLifePlus Super Azo + Crystal CD-R or Verbatim DataLife Pastel Disc/Plextor/Taiyo Yuden CD-R.

I found out there is a company that is selling Kodak Certified media

but anyways, i was referring to the Cakeboxes the old kodaks came
in. they had a screw top and the cakeboxes were thick plastic.

They had a screw top? Whoa, it’s the old style Taiyo Yuden cakeboxes then!

No, the Kodak cakeboxes were different.

Here’s what they look like when photographed with my lame mobile camera (it’s the only digital camera I have):

@DrageMester - thanks for the pics, I don’t think I’ve seen a stranger looking cakebox! :eek:

Those were the times back in pre-2000 when Kodak made Gold Ultimate CD-R media which were really good except for the top gold layer peeling off a bit too easily, and CD-R media cost a small fortune so it was a good thing that the cakeboxes were very sturdy!

I don’t have anymore of this media (although I have some of the slightly newer Kodak Ultima Silver+Gold), but I still keep the cakeboxes!

I did wonder why you still had the cakeboxes :bigsmile:…I too bought Kodak media quite a bit, when I first got a CD burner ('97 or sometime around there)…they came in jewel cases, and yep, they did cost a fair bit :eek:


 Those are it... So i take it, people know about them

but they dont know where to get them :slight_smile:

Well hopefully someone in the forums will read this and have
some information…

Oh, and the company thats selling KODAK certified GOLD media is