Storage Box?

I want to build a computer to put on my home network and load it to the max with hard drives to store music and pictures and movies. What type of cpu would be the best to use? Does it need much of a video card? How much ram? This will be nothing but a storage box. What part of this machine will be used the most? cpu,ram? Any ideas or suggestions will be helpful. I have built more computers than I can count but never one to use like this.

You don’t need anything fancy since it’s just going to be used as a storage PC. Several guys i work with use their old P2, P3 and K7’s for this purpose. I myself would use one of my many AMD socket A CPU’s that are laying around collecting dust with 256 or 512 of Ram. Video i have some 32 MB and 128 cards onhand. Just use what you have or what’s cheap. Don’t skimp on the HD’s or the power supply though. :wink:

CPU is not necessary to be extremely fast. An entry level AMD chip should be enough. However, as far as i can say, the memory should be large enought if your data access is large. Also i suggest you to use sata raid0 or raid10 (most mainboard support) to increase your disk bandwidth.

Does any one think XP 64 bit would be better on the storage box?

how about SCSI 15k rpm raptor hard disks?? :bigsmile: