Stops at "Waiting for TDK1280B"

I have a TDK1280B DVDRW. When i try to burn a DVD with cloneCD it gets to a screen where it says “Waiting for TDK1280B”, I hear my DVD rom spin up. and after about 10 secs and even 10 secs after, it sort of Shutters and makes a faint “beep”. This continues until i click on the Cancel button.

I’m not sure maybe if this is a Firmware issue or what.

I’m currently using Windows XP (64-bit)
and Memorex DVD+R DL media.

Nero doesn’t seem to have any issues with my DVD Rom or with the media.

Any ideas?

You could try some Verbatim D/L media ( Made in Singapore) they are the best of the lot. Also check your settings in CloneCD. A DWRW has different firmware than a DVD ROM, your DVDRW might not recognise Momorex D/L media.

if it was an issue with the media/Dvd rom then why would nero work fine?