Stopping auto ejection w/ nero express?!

i want to stop my computer from automatically ejecting the cd when its done burning the image… i already found the option to stop ejecting when the dvd has completed writing… but after an image is copied using my first drive it ejects and the second drive with the blank media starts writing. i cant seem to find this option anywhere. i just want both of my drives to stay shut when burning until i manually eject them.

if it matters i use the 1st drive to read the dvd i want copied and the 2nd drive is for the blank media to write.

It should be More -> Configure & Expert Features & tick the correct box.

i did that already… it only stops the ejection after the entire burn is complete but not after the 1st phase of burning the image only.

do you mean you want to stop it from ejecting after is has RIPPED the image from the disc to your hard drive?

I think it’s your language that is confusing! burning refers to writing a disc, ripping is copying from the disc to the hard drive.

just trying to clarify things!

yeah… i am pretty new to this. thats what i mean though. after that phase it ejects the dvd that had been ripped because it is no longer needed. i dont want it to eject automatically though. i want to handle all ejections manually.

i just went through all of the options in nero express and didn’t see anything regarding this.

very strange.

now that things are a little clearer, hopefully someone will see this thread and have a fix. good luck!

also, just for the hell of it, while you’re waiting for an answer here have you checked the nero site? sometimes they issue fixes for random bugs and errors if it’s something that’s been reported before.