Stop XP from using Documents & Settings to save my stuff?

I have a machine with XP Pro SP2 and I’m getting more than slightly pissed off with the OS behaviour of saving stuff from my applications (settings, temp files, browser stuff, savegames, etc) in “Documents And Settings” under “My Documents” or whatever depending on the specific case. I just did a manual clean up of about 200MB of old redundant trash in my boot drive as a result of this stupid behaviour.

I am the only person using this PC (I guess that’s why it’s called Personal Computer) and I don’t wish to use these folders at all. I don’t mind basic OS settings to be saved on them, but I don’t want my applications and games to save stuff in them as opposed to their proper own folders and partition they are installed on. As for OS temporary files, if they exist they should all be saved in the folder for that purpose, Windows\Temp and nowhere else.

Is there a way to disable the usage of these system folders by my applications ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

better get used to it, many software companies are using the My Documents folder now. As for why, think about it. It’s much easier to back up settings, save games and whatever else that usually takes up too much time going through each folder to find, when they are all in one folder don’t you think :wink:

With your software you may be able to change the directory it saves the settings to, but with games don’t like your chances

Simple. After you change the place to save something most programs will remember where the new save place is. If not a simple reg edit will do the trick.

I feel the same way about where XP wants to put stuff. I never want to use My Documents for anything. I want control!

Right click My Computer, select Properties, select Advanced tab, click Environment Variables. Here you can change the path for TEMP and TMP.

This may or may not solve some of your frustrations.