Stop using the PC when burning ? Ripping ? Converting?

Is it necessary to stop using the PC when I’m burning a disk ?
Or Ripping a DVD ?
Or converting from one to another (eg. MPG to DivX) ?

Can I also watch live TV or do a TV recording when I’m doing the above ?

What about scanning ? Can I do some scanning when I’m doing the above ?


Well it kinda all depends on your pc’s spec. Let us know what your specs are.

I have always believed the safest way is not doing anything else, why risk screwing up your project, but that is only my opinion.

Intel 6420

I’m not very good at HW. Is this sufficient ? Thanks !

That’s a pretty fast system, and with the dual core processor you should be able to multi-task fairly easily. The only thing I worry about in my much slower, single processor system is writing to a disk.

Oh but I forgot to mention… I’m running Win 2000. Don’t know if that would make a difference.

I’ve got the same motherboard as you but with a 6600 & I do loads of other things when burning. I use XP but I can’t see that W2000 should be any different, probably slightly faster than XP anyway.


My experience has been that if I multitask whilst burning - the burns do not come out as well as if the computer is left alone - hence - one work computer and another burning computer (see below) to prevent the need for multitasking-eh!!