Stop selling CDs in open air in Malaysia



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In a new effort to stop the huge piracy in Malaysia the Domestic Trade and Cosumer Affairs minister from Malaysia has stopped the selling of CDs in open places. People can’t sell one single cd…

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I suppose that this is the same as in the U.K where we can no longer buy mp3 cd’s or any other copied discs.


Imagine a future when high speed internet access is as pervasive as radio and tv is today. In that time, everyone will get their pirated material by simply logging on to the E Donkeys of tomorrow. Where there is a demand there will also be a supply. :7


Yee the government is stupid. Restrict a mean of selling on the street so they can open up a new way of pirating somewhere else. I rather have them make money on the street versus all of them starting to make money on the net. :wink: Because they will just find a way to manipulate the net to their advantage and hence they are going to blame the net and it will create regulations on the net etc… Ultimately censoring the net where the governemt have no business being in the first place. I could be wrong but thats my 2 cents. Dumbasses.


what do you expect?Illegal operators are selling VCD for US1.50 to US2 and pirated DVDs for US5 I don’t think anyone would take this lightly. and it’s true nuke001, when these folks go underground. makes it harder to catch em…


I just came back from holliday’s in Malaysia, and this is going on over there. The Malaysian goverment doesnt give a shit about ellegal software,vcd and dvd, they just dont want pornographic vcd on the market. And what they mean with legally recognized shopping lots is any shop in a shopping center So you still can buy a lot of illegal stuf over there, I didnt even find legal software over there. I have this information from a local policeman