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I just posted the article Stop Policeware.

Surfing around during my daily activities on the net found me coming across this
page, which actually made me quite glad someone made a petition against the much
hated SSSCA (Security Systems…

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Bullshit, who does they think they are? nobody can stop piracy, and what are they going to do violates the US citizens rights and freedom, isnt that what is the US about? :frowning:

Damn… too bad I’m 17. I believe you have to be an eligible voter to sign petitions… at least I think. If this shit gets through, someone teach me how to hack because Im coming after any and all entertainment sites

i’m 17 too and really want to sign this petition. how the hell does shit like this become law in the US? don’t the people have a say in this too? man. screw this SSSCA BS :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning:

This is funny shit, I gotta love the american legal system, it always provides me with a barrel of laughs. 5 years for sharing music, hmmm, just think of all the people you are causing HUGE emotional and physical distress to. Hm, how about if I mug some old granny and smack her around abit while I’m at it? I’m sure I’d get less than 5 years for that. Just as well though seeing as copying the music is sooo much worse a crime. That’s a sign of modern times, you get punished more for depriving big companies of their money than you do for hurting someone emotionally or physically.

fireblade and axia: I doubt very much that you have to be a certain age to sign a petition as it’s not like voting for government, or legally binding in any way, but simply a forum or method of voicing your opinion, which your certainly entitled to at any age ;). The best way to however for a consumer to act against unfair business practices, which this certainly is, is to simply ¡§let your wallet do the talking¡¨ (not literally :wink: ). Maybe they (music / movie industry) don¡¦t care about the odd seventeen year-olds opinion as such, but they sure care about your money. This bill is appalling and no matter how remote the chances of it passing I think the three or four seconds it takes to sign the petition are well worth it. It¡¦s not so much the risk of the bill passing, which I sincerely doubt it will, as the fact that they (again the RIAA / MPAA) have the audacity to even put it forth. The music /movie business has for a long time been permitted to do pretty much as it pleases and we the customers have simply murmured our discontent and dug deep into our wallets and forked out the exorbitant fees, as the companies profits skyrocketed. Then as a slap in the face they come up with one scheme after another to increase their already huge profits at a cost to, yes you guessed it, us the consumers. Look at the DVD zoning crap, to be blunt, for instance. If it isn¡¦t a prime example of how to limit choice, impede competition and keep prices up, then I don¡¦t know what is. I would just like to clarify this issue to the American and other zone one readers whom might not be familiar with the effects of the zoning on other areas that happen to lay outside of the zone one area. The official reason, from the movie industry, for this system is to ¡§protect¡¨ local distributors whom have paid hefty licensing fees for distribution rights (in that certain zone) from loosing out to imported movies. Well why wasn¡¦t this scheme in place during the reign of the VHS, how did those local distributors manage back then, could it maybe be the fact that the distribution fees weren¡¦t so high or maybe the profits weren¡¦t high enough, that¡¦s why it¡¦s in place now¡K yeah right? Well anyhow back to how this affects us the consumers in other zones. First of all not all titles are released in every zone, some 10,000 titles a year released in zone one are never released in other zones, so should we not have access to those titles? Who decides what movies I should or shouldn¡¦t be allowed to watch? Secondly the current system means a limited number of distributors, which means barely any competition, which in turn results in higher prices for consumers. What is the next step I wonder, how about zoning the audio DVD¡¦s too, that would really maximize profitsÆ’¼. So like I said for a long time they have been allowed to act as they see fit with the consumer watch agencies concentrating on the computer companies (Microsoft for instance) which in my opinion are nothing compared to the music / movie industry. Then along comes the internet, and more over MP3 and DivX, and the music / movie business gets scared, because yes it¡¦s hard to maintain unreasonable prices when consumers are no longer bound by lack of alternatives. So what do they do, they think up yet more schemes to ensure sustained high prices and profits. What really gets me going is the fact that they spurt out all these ¡§horrific¡¨ sales figures claiming them to be directly linked to internet piracy when they have no conclusive proof of this. As I have said in previous posts these can be attributed many other factors such as waning economic growth, poor content, introduction of new medias (DVD audio), and most important high prices. Come back when your profits are in the red and I¡¦ll be prepared to discuss the effect of internet piracy, but as long as you make huge profits I think it¡¦s best you sit back and shut-up or even better rethink your prices and distribution methods. So to finish off I would like to pose a question and a suggestion. Why is it that every other field of business that is suffering loss of profits, in the current economic climate, handle it without accusing their consumers of being common criminals deserving five years in prison!? Maybe you should go after the real criminals who suck the business dry¡K the fat cat executives¡Kor would that hit to close to home?!

I got some seriously strange characters in my last post… wonder what that was about!? Hope it’s still ledgible. // swede_242

Every damn person on this message board in the US should sign that petition regardless of your age. I seriously doubt they will go through looking up people because the petition doesn’t even ask for phone or address.

The President of the US gets paid by companies, no wonder they pass a bill like this.

:r Eat Them! :r

You have to be a registered Voter to sign petitions. You can sign up to vote at the time you sign it, but you have to be of age to vote, which means 18 in the USA.

Well the answer is simple. Build your own PC. Who buys dell are compact here. If you do your lame. You can get everything you want from a PC if you build your own. And only the software that you use when you install yourself.

juice: We all wish it woud be that simple to overcome that bill (if passed), but indeed it would not as all hardware would have built-in copy protection schemes, which is a lot harder to overcome than software built-upon protection schemes. Lets hope this crap never gets legislated for if my stupid gov’t (USA) can nail someone from Russia with the DMCA, who knows what they think and can do…

I’m glad I live in Europe.