Stop global warming? Buy a DVD



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Several reports that were presented yesterday at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society showed that there are greener ways to develop plastics, such as the material found in CDs and…

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This entire envoirment thingy is a lot of nonsense if you ask me. However companies are now making things more efficient which hopefully makes things cheaper. That’s the only great thing about all the green stuff, we rely less on instable countries, get innovation and use our raw materials more efficient, the rest is a lot of nonsense if you ask me…


@ Solvey Yeah, I’m with you. In fact, I just poured 5 litres of used motor oil down the toilet. At least it won’t end up in a landfill. :+


Global warming is a farce. It’s just an attempt at pushing globalist policies onto countries and harming them in the process. Look at the ridiculous demands the Kyoto protocol ask for.


The only thing more pompous than man saying he is the cause of “global warming”- is to run around and act like we can all work together and cause a turn around. We can’t work together and provide decent health care for underpriveleged little kids, or even first responders to the 911 attacks! People like to argue about points that cannot be won on either side, rtather than take action. It is also a way to give John Q. Public the impression his government is “against big oil” because they are all wringing their hands over this false issue. All it has done is created new ways to tax e.g. Carbon tax- which will be passed on to the consumer. :r It is COMMON KNOWLEDGE that petroleum products are killing us with their poisons, yet, we wont stop using the stuff- plastic, pesticides, herbicides, solvents gasoline, Diesel-etc. Global Warming is truly a “Convenient Truth” lets argue over the “climate science” and ignore the pollution aspect. In other words, lets do nothing for years whilst we argue endlessly, sidestepping what we can prove for sure. I’m surprised our congress and the oil companies have not suggested taxpayers pay for millions of smudgepots to burn kerosene and blot out the suns deadly warming rays. :r
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