Stop! Don't install Easy CD Creator 5 til you read this story

I just posted the article Stop! Don’t install Easy CD Creator 5 til you read this story.

TheRegister reports that Roxio’s Easy CD Creator is fucking up Windows 2000 systems. Roxio has put up a warning on their site, and it’s advise to use the custom installation and deselect Take Two…

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Easy Cd creator sux anyway, NERO rulez! hehe :d greetz Pulsarboy!

it doesn’t only stuff up win2k, it also stuffs up winME.

tada!!! use nero kickas app or clonecd. doesn’t matter at all :c

Also had this one on my computer for test purposes :wink: computer became from a high tech machine to meanless piece of sht. To all people using WIN2K… do you guys wanna fck your system and loose all your data, well here you’re for just $79.95 you’ll buy yourself a good solution the one and only EZCREATOR5. :wink: Good thing i didn’t bought it :stuck_out_tongue:

strange. i tried it out on my win2k advanced server machine. no problems. but i HAD to uninstall it because it sucks. nice interface though, but overly simplified options. everyone, just stick to nero. way better. with constant updates and bugfixes. roxio takes ages to release updates, and when they do, they just fuck it up.

Wanted to try version 5 to see if it was any better than 4 but I’ve never managed to get it to work on my copy of Win2k Pro. It installs fine but then just ‘Cannot create Creator, error blahblahblah’. Basically it wont even load up the app. Piece of CRAP! Nero Rocks!

who uses this piece of crap anyway ?

Even discjuggler beats EZ cd creator. I stick to ones I know is worth the effort.

I downloaded a beta version for testing. It does suck. I had problems running it even on Win98 and I’m running 1GHZ system. Here’s some free advice don’t waste your time or money. :4

Adaptec is shit, NERO AND CLONECD RULE!!! + 8

Well, it happened to me :frowning: Following the recommendation of this news post (And yes, my computer was slow at startup) I uninstalled Easy-CD Creator 5. It asked me to restart, but I didn’t want to at the time. When it finished, I immedietly saw the difference in speed: the computer was much faster. but when I restarted the computer, I’VE LOST ALL THE CDROMS IN WIN2K!!! I tried to do a repair of windows, but the problem continues :slight_smile: I’ll have to format the disk and reinstall EVERYTHING AGAIN. Fuck Roxio, fuck Adaptec. Ahead rulez

once i installed EZCD 4, never bothered again…Nero for data, CloneCD for “data” :4 and Feurio for Audio. I’m done.

Damn it. I hate this. That sh*t worked well on my Win2k but fucked up the entire WinMe with lots o blue screens n stuff n eroors. And Adaptec’s stupid patch says it cant find a valid version to patch. So stick with Nero55 :frowning: :frowning:

I think this prog was really called >Easy PC Destroyer 5.?

Easy CD Predator Easy Coaster Maker And now Easy PC Destroyer, hahahaha…when will ppl learn? :wink:


PANCHEBE: You do not have to rebuild your machine to correct the problem. Adaptec did not completely uninstall itself from your registry. You have to manually edit two entries. go to: Start menu> Run> Type: “regedit /v” go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCURRENTCONTROLSETCONTROLCLASS{E325-11CE-BFC1-0 87002BE10318} Delete the following two keys: “Upperfilters” and “LowerFilters” I ran into this problem on our WIN2000 machines at work. I also ran into several other quirks with Adaptec and Windows 2000 which has prompted me to buy NERO for our office. Its more powerful, faster, more stable, and cheaper too. ~Hook