Stop and Go



Hi there. I am a complete Noob and I admit it.

I bought some children DVDs for my son in America (NTSC and zone 1) but I live in a zone 2 area (my dvd player only does one zone) and PAL.

So I copied the DVDs to Sony DVD-Rs with clone DVD2 with anyDVD running both directly from DVD to DVD and DVD to HDD to DVD. But no matter what I do, the playback on the TV has some sort of stop and go phenomenon. Sometimes it is better and sometimes it is worse (depending on the type of copying I do) - but always the bottom line is that it isn’t great.

I copied the slowest possible and the fastest possible. I use Nero 6.6 for the burning process. I have used both OEM and retail versions of the Nero with no change.

After all, i bought the damned Barney!!! I just want my son to see it!!! :slight_smile:

Any ideas from the floor?

oh and I have the latest frimware for both my CD/DVD rom and my NEC 3500




Sounds to me like it may be an NTSC>Pal problem.

First off, from your post it seems like the original DVD in NTSC format, whereas your DVD player can only play PAL format. If this is the case, then the playback will usually be “stop and go” as you say it.

How do the copies play on your computer? If they play fine, then the issue is most likely the region of the DVD. See if your DVD player supports playback of NTSC video and if it does, configure it accordingly.

If nothing else, you’ll have to do an NTSC>PAL conversion. See if the above works. If not, post here and I’ll post a link on how to do this conversion.

Mike A