Stomp Recordnow Max4.5 VS Sonic recordnow 7.xx



usally I like to have the latest software installed but I really hate the 7.xx. First of all they don’t whant us to burn *.IMG files (u have to rename them to ISO) pain in the ass. Second: it looks so boring :frowning: .
For some reason I couldn’t choose my burning speed.
And there is probably lots of other shit I don’t like about it.

Can someone tell me whats so great about this new burningprogram?
Why can’t they just keep updating Stomp Recordnow Max? I really like it :sad:


I think you’ll find that many people would agree with you & continue to use 4.5/4.6. Providing you use the uptodate px engine (from sonic) then you’ve got all you really need.

It’s possible that change of ownership has somthing to do with it. It all started with Veritas then Stomp got in the act & now Sonic.


I can’t find the new engine, all i find is the upgrade center, lets u update to recordnow 7.3…
where can I find the new engine? what version should I look for?


Go here & then “Sonic Record Engine (PXEngine)”.
I think you have to register your name/email & they email a code to you. That’s what I’ve done in the past.


you can also use the modded engine from

i use it with recordnow max 4.5 with my NEC 3540A and it’s working great