Stomp RecordNow max and 2 NEC Burners, no go!



Guys im going insane!

I am using Stomp RecordNow Max for a long time and I really like it!
I had e NEC 1300 and i bought a NEC 2510 today!

When I start recordnow, it shows me 2 x NEC 1300A drives on the same system bus!

If I disable my NEC1300, it shows me the NEC2510 drive.

But It wont recognize both drives at the same time!
It shows 2x 2510 or 2x 1300 but never 1300 and 2510!

Is this tool just dumb or can this be fixed!
I also downloaded a new PX engine!(pxEngine507.exe)
but that didn’t help!

my equipment :

Stomp RecordNow Max 4.5
NEC 2510A fw 2.15 ON IDE1 MASTER

:frowning: :frowning: :a :frowning: :frowning:


Use the Search !


What are your jumper settings… If they are both set to “Cable Select” change one to master and one to slave.


So i must use another version of recordnow, cause i didnt find anything usefull with search


At first I was going to jump on you for not reading the original reply, but then I saw you are from the Netherlands. As English is obviously not your first language, I will cut you some slack here. Go back and read the first reply by wesociety. He included a link – you do not need to search, just follow the link.


There is “Stomp Record Now” and there is “Sonic Record Now” 2 entirely different companies!? Is it now so? therefore the fixes for one will not work for the other ?


Same product. Stomp was acquired by Sonic.


stomp 4,6 etc wont reckonise the 2510a u need to find the post on here with the dll file from the new stomp and replace the dll u allready got it is on here some where as i used it and posted on it , its in the record software forum


wont dont u follow the link above ?