Stocks can't last!

what a bargain :wink:

Verbatim 9.4GB Double Sided DVD-R D/Life+ for General Use - Spindle 40 Pack 4x

Our Price: $605.65
RRP: $880.00
You Save: $274.35


Well, I’ll buy two at that price!

sh!t, i knew DL was expensive but i didnt know it was that much! :eek: :eek: :eek:, u cud get a basic pc for that!

oh, just worked it out, at full price that is $22 per disc, and at the LOW LOW price it is ONLY $15 per disc!!! geez, you could buy the dvd movie new at that price, so kinda defeats the point of backups!

that is double SIDE, not dual LAYER… right?

Yes its double sided 4.7GB per side which is not as good as double layer …

ok, i buy 25 pack 4x verbitrims dvd-r at £10 ($20) for 25, single layer, so that is £20 ($40) for 50, double that as these are dual layer that is £40 ($80)

so it is $80 vs $600? :eek: plus double sided are not as good as you cant write/label them? who would buy these?

ben :slight_smile:

ps. sorry, i put DL, meaning double layer, not dual layer, i just realised that DL now is normaly meant as Dual Layer.

No shit. Makes you wonder how stupid people have to be to buy something like this. And it’s not even DL.

that price is outragous i know of some where wit them for way less ill post it when i find the link on the good side they r more room than dual layer disk can hold. now if they were double sided dual layer they would be sweet but that price would be even to much for that hahahahahahahaha. that site had to mess up or something lol thats like maby the price they would be if they were blu ray disks hahahaha

Here is a 50 pack of double sided dvd for only 174.50 and their 200 pack r cheaper than that last price hahahahahahahaha. plus they have a lot of different blank cd’s and dvd’s and random products

gee, i thought it was a bargain :wink:

hehe :eek:

Yep. Just checked on Verbatim’s site downunder and you can get 40 doubled-sided dvd -Rs for a measley $799.95au (RRP) (on spindle; well who’d want a case at that price anyway? :o :stuck_out_tongue: )

Get in on the ground floor folks and make sure that you don’t get trampled in the rush. :bigsmile:

Oh, and btw, as an added bonus, they have a max burning speed of 2x. :wink: Yippee!! :bow:


Damn - thought that I had missed a bargain-



Still waiting on double sided dual layer blanks, DVD+R18 :slight_smile: Those will only be $50-60 a disc, now that’s a bargain!