Stocking up Media ...question

Hey Guys the place i Live i dont Find TY media at all :confused: i am thinking of Stocking Media for a year or atleast 8 to 10 months,getting TY with the help of my friend :slight_smile: who lives in US :slight_smile: ,thinking of ordering 4 spindles of these

i know these media are great & more reliable than Verbs

Few Questions:

  • will there be any sort media Degrading by the time i start using the 4th Spindle ?
  • wat precaution i should take ?
  • any other know issues or Problems ?

Excellent choice. :slight_smile:
IMO the shelf life of blank media is not a problem nowadays.


hope there wont be issues on the media :disagree:

I have lots of media from 3+ years ago that still burns excellent, no worries!

thnx MegaDETH :slight_smile:

Yeah those discs are good and most high quality discs have good shelf life.

I got myself some MCC002 not so long ago and that would have been sitting on the shelfs for perhaps over 3 years and the results were still fantastic.

3 Years :bow: :bow:

thats good news :iagree: :iagree:

I’ve got TYG01 and T01 that must have been sitting on a shelf for ages. Last one of the T01s I tried burned beautifully. :slight_smile:

And damn, I would hope that unburned media lasts a good while, the amount me and others have in our stashes :stuck_out_tongue:

wats the expected count of media u have Arachne ?

Well I’ve only counted the MCC004 recently, and that alone came to about 500 discs. I’ll do a count of the whole lot and let you know. :slight_smile:

Mind you, you should check out the “Wall O’ Media” thread in here somewhere - some people have insane amounts (that thread makes me drool every time!) :wink:

Edit: GRRR stupid Search isn’t working :stuck_out_tongue:

just on a side note… i have some Memorex DVD+R 16x rated (CMC MAG M01) and i have about 9 or so left (2 x 50 pack spindles from best buy) and i had those 2 years ago (oct 2005 i got em) and they burn pretty much just as good as they did when i first got them and it’s safe to say these are not as good as TY/Verbatim media (atleast as far as disc quality scans are concerned) and they still burn well :wink:

so all-in-all if i where to guess i would say shelf life is NOTHING to worry about :wink:

p.s. plus my room gets fairly hot in the summer time (about 80f-ish and a little humid at times) … so my room aint exactly “optimal” storage conditions.

tired searching for this “Wall O’ Media” thread did not come Up :disagree:

can u give the link to this ?

I’ll have to look manually, Search died :eek:

I’ll edit this post when I find it (there are two threads actually, I’ll see if I can find both) :slight_smile:

Hahahaha, OneSickPup was a tad quicker than me :bigsmile:

Oh well, here’s the other media thread from the Living Room to go with it:

How Big is your … err … Stash!

Enjoy! :bigsmile:

thx guys :slight_smile:

33$ means 25€ blooddy cheap for genuine T02

sad they dont ship to europe might be worth it.

the only reliable source of same T02 found in europe is in germany
and sells same spindle on 49€

considering im paying 36€ for a spinde of the same but 16x T03
im thinking if its worth it to pay 13€ more for T02 THAN T03

what do u think guys?

Why not just get Verbatim MCC004? cheaper and can be as nice as T02 in scans, certainly superior to T03.

Wow. i’ve never given any thought to unburnt media degrading…
I have about 450 verbatim CMCMAG R01s, 30 something MAXELL 003’s.
Also waiting for 100 printable taiyos and 50 Ritek F1’s (needed something to play around with :wink: )

If media really degrades unburnt… i’m in trouble… I’ve heard the sheld life could be 2-3 years on DVD media, don’t know if this hold any truth or not


I’ve just bought Verbatim MCC004 media that was made back in 2004 and they still burn and scan as any “new” Verbatim media .

People here can tell you about their 2x media that still unburnt and the awesome results they got when burning .

I really don’t know where this “myth” came from , good TY or MCC media can last for 10+ years when burnt while they would only live up to 3 years unburnt is just plain stupid theory [B][I]UNLESS[/I][/B] there were stored in inproper conditions (ie : high humidity/extreme heat/direct sunlight/extreme cold) but then , even burnt media would also die in such conditions :wink: