Stock Up, Now! Sony BluRay $699, free shipping

Time to load up the truck. :smiley: From Newegg, where else?

Not until they get some solid decryption programs for that format.

…and the price needs to drop to well under $100…

I just can’t see the cost effectiveness of BluRay media to even think about buying one yet. Let’s see the results:

$700/$40 DVD-RW Drive=17.5 DVD-RW Drives
21 packs of 100 DVD-R=2,100 Discs4.35GB=9,135GB Space of 16x Taiyo Yuden TYG03
17 packs of 100 DVD+R=1,700 Discs
4.35GB=7,395GB Space of 16x Taiyo Yuden T03

$700=1 Bluray Drive
$700/$20=35 BD-R*25GB per disk=875GB Space of a 25GB BD-R Single Layer Discs

875GB/9,135GB=0.095% only about 10% storage capacity of 16x TYG03 DVD-R
875GB/7,395GB=0.118% only about 12% storage capacity of 16x T03 DVD+R

9,135GB/25GB=365.4*$20=$7,308 :eek: just to reach DVD-R capacity
7,395GB/25GB=295.8*$20=$5,916 :eek: just to reach DVD+R capacity
You can practically buy a used car with that kind of money.

Of course someone can argue that it takes less disk for GB space but it’s just not cost effective enough to buy it to store data. You can always use it as a BD Player but you need the hardware to support HDCP and older hardware does not support HDCP. I just see no advantage at all to buy one at the moment. Well, you could always use it as paperweight.

Under $100? Maybe in 3 or 4 years.

MetalSlayerX your math totally sucks dude …lol
Y did’nt you just say DVD-R is 10c a gig and and Blue ray are 43c a gig …much simpler

thats if they give you a dvd/ and Blueray burner …Blue ray is still 4 times more expensive

not sony

Simple, you can’t buy discs in the exact amount of gigs you want, can you? And don’t call me dude, I’m not a stoner. Sorry if my math is too complex for your mind. Here let’s do math your way:

$0.43 per gig25gb=$10.75 for a BlurayDisc which is incorrect
25GB=$20 which is correct
$0.80 per gigabyte for BD-R not $0.43

$33.99/4.35GB*100=$0.078 so about $0.08 cents per GB for DVD


BD-R is 10x more expensive per gigabyte than DVD. Eight cents per DVD gigabyte and 80 cents per BD-R gigabyte. There you have it; math done your way.

Saw this price a few weeks ago. Hey Folks, good news for memorex lovers, Memorex blu-ray discs are made in japan, yayyyyyyyyyyy and it costs the same price as sony and verbatim blu-ray discs, $19.99 for a single layer. The capacity is 5 times the DVD-R, and each DVD-R costs around $0.40 for premium brand, and if you multiply by 5, you get 25 gig for $2.

PS, I hate Memorex

Stock UP!!!
I don’t think so
who buys more than one?
From first dopter I will from now on be the 100th dopter
been burned to many times by drastic price reductions

And dont forget, I dont think this drive is capable of playing back blu-ray movie yet, Sony is still working on the firmware for that. Damn, I hate stuffs under Sony Brand, they are not pro-consumers, they are pro-hollywood, I boycot their products sometimes

Thanks Dude !

When a RW (RE) disc sells for about $5 or less and the drives sell for about $100, I’ll start becoming interested. I hope something comes along in the meantime to make it obsolete, such as cheaper multi-layered red laser media.

I was an early adopter of CD-R technology. Bought a SCSI Philips burner that did nothing but make coasters. This was back when media was expensive too. Had to jump through hoops to get it RMA’ed. Fortunately the next one worked. Still though, not worth it IMO.

Didn’t buy a DVD burner until one Black Friday when the Pioneer DVR-105 (rebadged Cendyne) was $170 after a $50 rebate. That purchase was worth it. It produces good burns and I still use it today even though I have some newer burners.

In all honesty I don’t even see what the big deal is with 18x DVD burners. It’s not like that extra 2x speed is going to amount to much in the grand scheme of things. Considering that 18x is max speed the average speed increase only amounts to a pittance.

I’m not really that interested in the Blu-ray format for movies at this point; I would mainly use them for archiving purposes.

I’d probably pay 12 cents per GB instead of 8 cents just for the convenience of the increased storage space a Blu-ray disc would offer, and I’d be happy to pay around $200-$250 for the burner. Until prices reach that level I’ll stick with DVD-Rs.

Thanks for the heads-up, though, gamma1! :slight_smile:

I’m holding out for the multi-phasic crystalline storage cubes. :smiley:

Hey what do you know, you and I got introduced to DVD Burning by the exact same burner/deal. Anyways, the original post was more of a joke than anything else. I think it’s good though for people to understand exactly where a format is right now. I concur on the issue with Sony products. Outside of their game consoles (and possibly some blank media) I won’t touch Sony products these days. They seem to have this idea that because they have built a name for themselves that they can do whatever they want and people will still buy their products. The good news is that Sony’s business as a whole has taken a hit these last couple of years (due to the fact that the quality of their products, overly agreesive MPAA and RIAA-type strategies have been just downright shamefull). So hopefully Sony will be put in a position in the next few years where they will have to return to their roots and start building quality products and being consumer friendly again.

well, I still have my Teac 4X SCSI CD-R burner under Trax Data Brand and I still have my plextor 12X SCSI burner, I only use them for recording audio CD to Mitsui Gold CD-R, they are dedicated for Audio Burning alone since I have sensitive CD player and Sensitive DAC

Sony’s own drive soesn’t play back its own movies :confused: !!!

Like I said, Sony is not pro-consumer, they are pro-Hollywood. But because of this, they think they went too far and got criticized, so they are gonna release the newer firmware to allow the drive to playback blu-ray movies. The original firmware was intented as a burner and data blu-ray reader only, not as a blu-ray player and that was their original intention, but they got criticized really bad for going too far